Really? Vegan diet for dogs… ? I admit I was super skeptical. It was 2005, a few months after we had very successfully transitioned to a vegan diet. Howard said, “Hey we are doing so well, why don’t we have our dogs eat vegan too?” Whoa what? Are you kidding me? Before you run away screaming that we are abusing our animals, (we are not), please keep reading.

Bottom Line:

Your dog can thrive on an appropriately formulated vegan diet”.

We were learning a lot about veganism (it was all so new to us!) in the Spring and Summer of 2005. Howard had recently befriended Dave Middlesworth who had founded a vegan dog food business call V-Dog. He and Dave talked on the phone and Howard ordered the kibble. I was amazed at how much Shasta and Birdie loved the kibble! Their fur looked so much better! They ate well and often. Their tummies evened out (aka their poop!). To make a long story short, our various dogs have been on V-Dog ever since. All of our dogs have been in amazingly good health, the vet says we are boring!

We love it so much I even submitted a blog article to V-Dog sharing our journey!

I am convinced that Shasta, our big 135 pound guy, lived to 16+ due to his diet. He was in amazing health and simply, gracefully, quietly died (disease free!). At age 12 now, Kenzie is in great health as well. Daily people remark about our gorgeous, happy, shiny coated dogs.

Please also consider the health and well-being of all animals, your dogs as well as the factory farmed raised animals that are ground up in your dogs’ animal-based food products. (See session #10 for more information about animals in our food). We really do not know what goes into dog food, but we do know there are many recalls, dogs get allergies, and so on. I know you might be scared, but it’s OK, everything will be OK. Trust me I would never do anything to harm my fur babies. OK, call me a dog nut and please know that I only want the best for them. Do check it out. A healthy, appropriately formulated vegan diet for your dog can work! Happy eating everyone!