Learn How to Fight Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Overcome Obesity

First, the facts:

  • 35% of adults in the US are obese

  • 18% of children are obese

  • 42% of all females (children and adults) are obese

Obesity makes people much more vulnerable to deadly disease

This educational video series can help you change and avoid these dangerous conditions!  

Weight loss is the solution for many health issues. Every family can learn how to lose weight naturally! This program is not like the heavily advertised commercial diets. The results of these “quick lose- quick regain” weight diets are dangerous and a waste of money. We all need to learn the safe way to lose weight.

With a natural loss of weight diet, you can learn how to maintain a slim, healthy, and permanent weight! It is easier, because it is a natural process, and you get to eat a lot! Your whole family can be involved in learning how to avoid the many unsafe foods that add unnatural weight to our bodies.

There is no “magic pill” with which to avoid dangerous diseases, but there is information!

Many of these diseases are preventable, but you must be willing to “go back to school” for a short period of 10 ½ hours to learn what contributes to good health. You may have hated school, but I repeat, if you want to protect your family, you must bear down and learn enough information to help your family escape deadly diseases. It is recommended that you all only do one session per evening and try your best to continue one per night until you have finished all eleven one hour sessions. This is the very best way to absorb this vital information.

My 11-part video program emphasizes 3 vital elements that can protect you all. In order to truly escape deadly diseases, all 3 of these vital elements must be learned.

  1. The entire family can learn how to reduce stress. Children suffer from stress as well as adults, and frequently parents miss the symptoms that signal serious problems within the minds of their children. The knowledge in this program can help defeat this silent threat to your family’s health.
  2. Most people spend far more time maintaining their cars than they spend maintaining their most important muscle, their heart. The old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is true. This program can teach you how to strengthen your heart along with the rest of the body.
  3. The third element deals with the lack of information about the foods we put in our mouths. There is another old saying, “we all could be a lot safer, if we paid more attention to what goes into our mouths, and what comes out of our mouths!”

This program can save millions of lives. I hope your family will be among them!

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