Hello! Let me introduce myself! I have been happily, whole food, plant-based, vegan since May 2005, and feel fantastic! I wrote the educational video program for you and your family to learn more about how and why to transition to a healthy, vegan, whole food plant based lifestyle. This lifestyle includes vegan nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

Each blog entry will explain little more, offer a bit more about the how and why of it all. Each blog post will reveal more about how to solve something, how to think about something in a new way, or how to do something. While my Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages offer a variety of vegan education information, these blog posts will be more thoughtful comments about how we live and how we decide to respond to what is going on around us. Strengthening ourselves with a healthy vegan lifestyle is always the key, using the three pillars of diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

What is important to me? Good question! Here are a few things I love and value:

My husband Howard, the inspiration for the program, is a great supporter and my #1 fan. We have been together since May 1986 (you do the math!) and have been through many ups, downs, moves, changes, and challenges. We have weathered the storms and hang in there for each other. He is a visionary guy and enthusiastic plant based advocate. He successfully reversed his chronic heart disease using this program and has maintained his healthy lifestyle since April 2005. Did you see him tell his story? 

Jack and Kenzie are a big part of our life. Kenzie, a red husky with bright blue eyes, is about 11 and tough as nails. She is a “super girl” who can go anywhere (even New Zealand!) and do anything. Nothing fazes her. Seven year old Jack, our gorgeous, gray malamute, is a bit more timid but will happily follow a trusted leader. We call him my body guard because never leaves my side. Both are gentle, sweet, affectionate, and have great senses of humor. Masses of dog hair is a small price to pay for such love. Look on our Facebook page for more photos of our love bugs.

Now for a bit more serious stuff.

Fairness and justice for all. After many years in the public school system, it became all too clear how injustices, both large and small, harm individuals, families, and communities. One of my goals is to help others learn and become empowered to act for the betterment of themselves, their family, and community,

Thinking and decision making are important. Every decision we make has ramifications. Ask any classroom teacher how many decisions they make in a day, the answer will range from ten thousand to a billion! Every decision we make has consequences. Now keep in mind, I am not suggesting we over analyze every little thing, but merely be thoughtful, and every once in a while stop and actually think how will this decision effect the larger world? What we decide to do does matter.

I think about my family every day. I am fortunate to have had three wonderful Grandmothers who were instrumental in my development as a youth and young adult. I heard many stories about their families as I grew up, and am the product of all of those people. Sometimes I feel like a carry a crowd behind me! I think about the young people in our family, what kind of world will they inhabit? Much of what I think about is related to our future, how will they manage with a projected 9 or 10 billion people by 2050? What does this mean for our young people? What can I do today to help our youngsters’ future lives?

We need to know where our food comes from and what is in our food. Whether it is chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), added sugar, or anything else, we need to know what the industrial food industry is making, selling, and calling food. While there has been progress in the US, we still have a ways to go.

Final Comments:

  1. Thank you so much for reading my first blog entry! I am so grateful for your time and interest. Please do let me know if you would like to hear about particular topics.
  2. Any errors or omissions are mine alone. I take full responsibility for this site and the video program. My intent is always to be helpful, compassionate, and empathetic. My intent is always positive. Happy Eating!