Fear. We all have it. President Roosevelt said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”Philosophers, authors, and poets have written about fear for centuries. We are afraid of failure, we are afraid of success, afraid of trying, and afraid of disappointment. Some people are afraid of transitioning to a healthy vegan diet. The good news is that if we are alive, we are probably afraid of something!

More specifically we are afraid of getting old, imprisonment, of being a coward, pain, germs and disease. We are afraid of going crazy, rejection, and intimacy. We are afraid of the unknown, spiders, heights, public speaking, or wide open spaces, being laughed at, death, loneliness, and success. Some of us jump into the abyss, hoping a net will be there and push though our fears; others stay comfortably in their own rut and never reach out past their safe bubble. The problem is that safe little bubble can be really uncomfortable, unhealthy, sickening, and even toxic – yet we remain in that safe little bubble because of our fear. Consider breaking out of that bubble.

If you are considering a transition to whole food, plant based nutrition, increasing exercise, reducing stress, and developing a healthy lifestyle, there is fear. It’s important to understand, really dig down to at least identify that fear to deal with it. I talk about this a lot in the first session of my program. 

When my husband had a heart attack and wanted to eat his medicine, he was terrified of a few things. Dying was #1! He was also afraid of food. What was safe for him to eat? He had a compelling medical reason to transition to whole food, plant based nutrition and had to overcome the fear, and anxiety, of changing his lifetime habit eating ham sandwiches for lunch. This was major! Ultimately, the fear of death and disability won over his fear of veggie burgers and he is thriving today. His heart disease has been reversed with our healthy vegan lifestyle. See session 6 for more information on how to transition in real life! 

When I was a little girl, I used to sing Climb Every Mountain and envisioned myself swirling around on a Swiss mountain top like Julie Andrews. Now, as an adult, I wish I could sing like both Julie Andrews and Adele. She is amazing! Back in November 2015, she launched her latest album 25. When she performed live in New York at Radio City Music Hall, she wept. She had been afraid (ADELE!?). She didn’t want to disappoint us. She was relieved the song was sung and well received by her adoring fans. She wept! Wow!

I too am afraid. Yes, I am afraid you won’t like the program I developed or this blog. I am afraid my work, my effort, was for naught. I am afraid you will laugh at me and that is really scary. For so many years, I worked in school districts, companies, and universities, I have never ever made something and put it out there on the internet. I have not expressed or exposed myself in this manner before. Dang, it is nerve wracking!

When I realized that I was afraid of your reactions, I felt better. Funny isn’t it how when we acknowledge something, identify it, we release it. The day I wrote about my fear was the day I let go of its power over me. Making any kind of change can be terrifying. As that big sneaker company says, just do it anyway.

Prepare for your journey. Get smart about whatever your transition is about, and take the first step. List your fears. Write or talk about them. Really come to grips with the fear that holds you back then let it go and focus on the positive – not the negative. It is not rocket science: when we focus on the negative our results will be negative.  Organize your support system and mentors. Ask someone to hold you accountable. Write down your goals and dreams.  The good news is that by being afraid you know you are alive! You’ re not alone in feeling fear. So go ahead, make the transition, and take the risk of feeling fabulous because a head full of fears has no space for dreams!