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PhD Education Leadership, Nutritionist



Dr. Hilary Greenebaum has worked in a variety of K-12 schools, in a variety of locations, for over 25 years. She has experienced a wide perspective regarding education, teaching, and learning. First, she was an elementary school Teacher, then worked as an elementary school Dean, and then Assistant Principal of a suburban Denver middle school. After earning her PhD in Education Leadership, Hilary lectured and coached teachers at the University of Colorado Denver in both undergraduate and graduate education programs. She also taught teachers and administrators how to use various web-based education software systems, both across the US and in New Zealand. A healthy vegan since April 2005, Hilary loves to learn, read, garden, walk her dogs, and explore!

Hilary has spent years learning about veganism. She earned a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, Completed in December 2012, from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell University.

Together with her husband, Howard Greenebaum, Hilary owns Howard Insurance Agency, Inc, a firm that specializes in providing Medicare solutions. The firm was established in Colorado in 1999 and today provides personal, expert service to clients throughout Oregon. Please visit for more information or contact her today for Medicare options in Oregon.

Plant-Based Nutrition Graduate Badge, Better Eating for Life

She continues to learn and research veganism, the most life affirming lifestyle ever! She created this program as a way to reach more people, to teach how and why to transition to a healthy, whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that a whole food diet is quite delicious!”

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Howard’s Story

In April 2005, Hilary’s husband, Howard, had a heart attack and was unable to tolerate the medication prescribed to him. He decided that he would eat his medicine and solve the root of his problem with a healthy lifestyle. Since then, he has maintained a healthy whole food, plant based vegan diet and continues to enjoy fantastic health. His doctors are amazed at what he has achieved and maintained! Watch his story below.

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